Changing Relationships

You can change your relationship with anyone by sending the person good thoughts. If harboring a grudge about someone, take a moment to realize that YOU choose to see what unfolds before you. When you choose negative thoughts, you will get negative in return. Your thoughts are extremely powerful and flipping to positive can produce a chain of miraculous events, paving the way to an amazing life! Here are some simple examples:

  1. My spouse is undesirable. My spouse is kind and enjoyable.
  2. My daughter is lazy. My daughter is helpful and radiates fascinating potential.
  3. My son will turn out just like his dead-beat dad. My son has many good qualities. I am thankful for the man who gave him life.
  4. I have terrible neighbors. My neighbors are friendly and considerate.
  5. My boss is uncaring. My boss cares when approached in a positive manner.
  6. My coworkers are awful. I appreciate the people at my job site and know I have the power to change the environment into whatever I desire.

What if the negative words crossed out above didn’t exist and we were never taught the meanings. Without having knowledge of those words, could our thoughts automatically always be positive?

Make a list of your favorite pleasurable words; practice thinking the words and speaking them. When a negative thought comes into your mind, gently push it aside and replace it with your free happy words. The benefits are worth millions!

Choose Positive, KJ

2 thoughts on “Changing Relationships”

  1. I decided to get rid of the negative people in my life and now I have no friends that don t live hundreds of miles away. I m 61 years old it s time I start making very drastic changes in my life. Becoming positive will be my first step.

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