Do Unto Others


In her #1 New York Times Bestseller, E-Squared, Pam Grout says, “Look through the whole Bible and nowhere does Jesus say worship me. His call to us was follow me.”  In other words, Jesus was trying to tell us to do what he does, and just like him, we are all capable of producing acts of kindness and miracles. Miracles in relationships are based on the Golden Rule- do unto others, as you’d have done unto yourself.  Most of us take this literally, in the connotation of the physical world: don’t hit, don’t steal, don’t yell, don’t cheat, and don’t kill. What if simply having the thought actually produces a similar outcome? With that in mind, would you want other people having negative thoughts about you? If not, why do we allow ourselves to judge and find fault in others within the confines of our own minds? The people unto whom we project the criticisms are the same ones with whom we find it difficult to have amicable relationships. Stephenie Meyer created a fictional vampire, Edward, in her #1 New York Times bestselling Twilight Saga books. Edward could “hear” what people around him were thinking. If we realized that our internal thoughts could be heard by others, would we be more accountable for cleaning up what goes on in our own heads? Maybe just being careful about what we say isn’t enough. Perhaps we need to be cautious (and courteous) about what we think as well!

Choose Positive, KJ



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