Week 1- Summer Program

Fear Abolishment

Fear thoughts leave us susceptible to intense emotions and impulsive reactions. Fear can cause damage to certain parts of the brain, it weakens immune systems, causes heart damage, digestive problems and excess body fat. These are all excellent reasons to start choosing loving thoughts over fearful ones. To kick start your journey, complete this exercise:

(Remember, this is your process, there are no rules but your own. Feel free to make up variations that are appealing to you.)

  1. Find 10 (or 5 or 20) pieces of scrap paper to write on (or any material of your choice that you can eventually destroy).
  2. During the next day (or week or however long you decide) write a fear on the scrap material you chose. Use a word, symbol, paragraph, or stick drawing to describe your fear.
  3. Here are some triggers to help you write about your fear thoughts:
    1. What are you ashamed of or embarrassed about?
    2. What makes you angry or feel pressured?
    3. What are you afraid of or need protection from?
    4. What burdens do you carry?
    5. What makes you jealous?
    6. What do you feel greedy, lazy or dishonest about?
    7. What do you feel heartbreak over or feel separated from?
    8. What excessive responsibility or stressors do you have?
    9. Who do you judge or need to forgive?
    10. What feels unjust to you or exhausts you?
  4. When you are ready, decide the ritual you will use to physically destroy your written fears. (I like a family or friend gathering with a bonfire, if you have a safe place and means to do it.) Before you get down to the “fun” of destruction, concentrate on visualizing each fearful thought leaving your mind, becoming part of the material you wrote it on and then watching it dissipate. If you worship a god, deity or other higher power, you can also visualize that person or entity taking the fear from you and assisting you with destroying it. If you feel comfortable, you can openly share your fear with those around you. Now get ready to rip up, burn, spit on, smash and annihilate all those crazy fear thoughts that are no longer welcome to take up precious space in your mind!
  5. After you are complete with your fear abolishing ritual, take a few moments to sit reflectively, with your eyes closed while you take long, deep, slow breaths and feel the wonderful, relieving effects of a clear mind.
  6. Changing your thoughts is a life long, daily process. It takes practice and dedication. You can periodically return to this ritual when you need to cleanse your mind of fears. You can do simple variations of the ritual each hour, day, week, month; whatever works best for you!

Choose Positive, KJ


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