Week 2- Summer Program

Watch “The Incredible Power of Your Thoughts!” by Jeremy Bennett on YouTube.


It was published on January 20, 2015 and is about 10 minutes in length.


Jeremy reminds us in his video to choose wisely as our thoughts create us. In an estimated 10 quadrillion operations per second, our minds shape how our bodies function and who we ultimately become. Our subconscious mind is in control about 96-98% of the time. According to Jeremy, there is one thing our subconscious can’t do. It can’t distinguish between a real event and something we think about. Holding negative thoughts in our minds actually produces a physiological reaction in our bodies and causes the release of cortisol, a stress hormone. The 60,000 thoughts we have per day are mostly repetitive thoughts from the day before, either dwelling on the past or fearing the future. Learn tons more powerful facts from Jeremy about something called the “nocebo” effect, what gossiping can do to you, and how violence on TV can affect children. It only takes 10 minutes to watch!

Choose Positive, KJ

Week 1- Summer Program

Fear Abolishment

Fear thoughts leave us susceptible to intense emotions and impulsive reactions. Fear can cause damage to certain parts of the brain, it weakens immune systems, causes heart damage, digestive problems and excess body fat. These are all excellent reasons to start choosing loving thoughts over fearful ones. To kick start your journey, complete this exercise:

(Remember, this is your process, there are no rules but your own. Feel free to make up variations that are appealing to you.)

  1. Find 10 (or 5 or 20) pieces of scrap paper to write on (or any material of your choice that you can eventually destroy).
  2. During the next day (or week or however long you decide) write a fear on the scrap material you chose. Use a word, symbol, paragraph, or stick drawing to describe your fear.
  3. Here are some triggers to help you write about your fear thoughts:
    1. What are you ashamed of or embarrassed about?
    2. What makes you angry or feel pressured?
    3. What are you afraid of or need protection from?
    4. What burdens do you carry?
    5. What makes you jealous?
    6. What do you feel greedy, lazy or dishonest about?
    7. What do you feel heartbreak over or feel separated from?
    8. What excessive responsibility or stressors do you have?
    9. Who do you judge or need to forgive?
    10. What feels unjust to you or exhausts you?
  4. When you are ready, decide the ritual you will use to physically destroy your written fears. (I like a family or friend gathering with a bonfire, if you have a safe place and means to do it.) Before you get down to the “fun” of destruction, concentrate on visualizing each fearful thought leaving your mind, becoming part of the material you wrote it on and then watching it dissipate. If you worship a god, deity or other higher power, you can also visualize that person or entity taking the fear from you and assisting you with destroying it. If you feel comfortable, you can openly share your fear with those around you. Now get ready to rip up, burn, spit on, smash and annihilate all those crazy fear thoughts that are no longer welcome to take up precious space in your mind!
  5. After you are complete with your fear abolishing ritual, take a few moments to sit reflectively, with your eyes closed while you take long, deep, slow breaths and feel the wonderful, relieving effects of a clear mind.
  6. Changing your thoughts is a life long, daily process. It takes practice and dedication. You can periodically return to this ritual when you need to cleanse your mind of fears. You can do simple variations of the ritual each hour, day, week, month; whatever works best for you!

Choose Positive, KJ


30 Happy Words!

If you are having trouble falling asleep at night (or getting back to sleep after the 3:33 am awakening), try going through the alphabet and thinking of a happy word that starts with each letter to describe yourself. Before each word, think in your head, “I am…”  If you think of more than one for each letter, it’s OK. This is your exercise. The only rules are the ones you choose!

You can also gift yourself with one word to use repeatedly throughout each day of the month. In addition, this exercise works well when you are trying to turn your thoughts to positive about someone with whom you are in a challenging relationship. Instead of thinking “I am” before each word, insert the person’s name.

Here are some examples:

  1. Amazing
  2. Blessed
  3. Beautiful
  4. Creative
  5. Compassionate
  6. Divine
  7. Empathetic
  8. Fun
  9. Generous
  10. Helpful
  11. Inspirational
  12. Joyful
  13. Kind
  14. Loving
  15. Mindful
  16. Nurturing
  17. Open-minded
  18. Peaceful
  19. Positive
  20. Quality
  21. Respectful
  22. Responsible
  23. Selfless
  24. Thankful
  25. Understanding
  26. Valuable
  27. Wise
  28. XO (full of Hugs and Kisses!)
  29. YAY!
  30. Zany

Choose Positive, KJ

Two to Tango

One Sunday I couldn’t shake a low energy feeling of annoyance. I allowed every little thing my daughter did (or didn’t) do irritate me. I finally said out loud to my husband, “Why am I on such a rampage toward her? She’s a good kid, but I feel so critical of her today.” Hearing my own words sparked an idea. I headed upstairs to her room and kindly asked if she was angry and having negative thoughts about me. She stared at me in disbelief momentarily and then put her head down and slumped her shoulders. I told her that I could feel all the negative energy she was putting out to me and that in order for us to have a good relationship, she needed to somehow find a way to turn those thoughts to positive. She awesomely gets it when I talk energy-stuff to her and by the end of the day, I didn’t feel like I wanted to pounce on her for every little thing she said or did!

Choose Positive, KJ

Do Unto Others


In her #1 New York Times Bestseller, E-Squared, Pam Grout says, “Look through the whole Bible and nowhere does Jesus say worship me. His call to us was follow me.”  In other words, Jesus was trying to tell us to do what he does, and just like him, we are all capable of producing acts of kindness and miracles. Miracles in relationships are based on the Golden Rule- do unto others, as you’d have done unto yourself.  Most of us take this literally, in the connotation of the physical world: don’t hit, don’t steal, don’t yell, don’t cheat, and don’t kill. What if simply having the thought actually produces a similar outcome? With that in mind, would you want other people having negative thoughts about you? If not, why do we allow ourselves to judge and find fault in others within the confines of our own minds? The people unto whom we project the criticisms are the same ones with whom we find it difficult to have amicable relationships. Stephenie Meyer created a fictional vampire, Edward, in her #1 New York Times bestselling Twilight Saga books. Edward could “hear” what people around him were thinking. If we realized that our internal thoughts could be heard by others, would we be more accountable for cleaning up what goes on in our own heads? Maybe just being careful about what we say isn’t enough. Perhaps we need to be cautious (and courteous) about what we think as well!

Choose Positive, KJ



Changing Relationships

You can change your relationship with anyone by sending the person good thoughts. If harboring a grudge about someone, take a moment to realize that YOU choose to see what unfolds before you. When you choose negative thoughts, you will get negative in return. Your thoughts are extremely powerful and flipping to positive can produce a chain of miraculous events, paving the way to an amazing life! Here are some simple examples:

  1. My spouse is undesirable. My spouse is kind and enjoyable.
  2. My daughter is lazy. My daughter is helpful and radiates fascinating potential.
  3. My son will turn out just like his dead-beat dad. My son has many good qualities. I am thankful for the man who gave him life.
  4. I have terrible neighbors. My neighbors are friendly and considerate.
  5. My boss is uncaring. My boss cares when approached in a positive manner.
  6. My coworkers are awful. I appreciate the people at my job site and know I have the power to change the environment into whatever I desire.

What if the negative words crossed out above didn’t exist and we were never taught the meanings. Without having knowledge of those words, could our thoughts automatically always be positive?

Make a list of your favorite pleasurable words; practice thinking the words and speaking them. When a negative thought comes into your mind, gently push it aside and replace it with your free happy words. The benefits are worth millions!

Choose Positive, KJ

Hello World!

As a first time blogger and natural introvert, I am feeling the mixed emotions of  vulnerability by publicly sharing my thoughts and excitement of the possibility of helping others live happier, more peaceful lives. After being mesmerized by books about spirituality and positive thoughts over the long winter months, I am freshly motivated to launch my dream of writing manuscripts of my own. Consistent on-line advice about future endeavors with publishers lead me to hosting a blog. It’s an ironic day for me to begin. News of an old friend and a recent acquaintance both losing their husbands, leaving teenaged children behind and my own son crashing on his bike tonight have baffled me on how to maintain a positive aura. Gratitude comes to mind. For now, I will be thankful for the beautiful lives created from the two men that now exist within another dimension and for the injuries that will make my son realize that life will go on if he misses playing in one soccer game as he heals. Gratitude will reveal the meaning and the purpose of the manifestations within our lives. Whether initiated as joyous or sorrowful thoughts, we have the choice to determine the eventual impact upon us. The death of my baby and then of my sister in child birth began as devastation, but eventually brought me together with my two adopted children into an incredible life of perpetual love and learning. By reading the words upon my blog, and practicing the daily art of positive thinking, I hope you too can immerse yourself into the beauty that is waiting to surround you.

Choose Positive, KJ